Around the World the Mammoth Way

Having visited quite a few countries now, Jo and I thought it a good idea to make it easier for people to find out a bit more about places they might want to see on there trips there. Simply find your country of choice in my A to Z list and click on the links to find out some of the wonderful experiences you might find there.

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Places Visited: Durres, Himare, Triana

A fascinating country with some incredible scenery, Albania hasn’t really got up to speed for tourists yet but there developing quickly. Food and drink are incredibly cheap.
Memorable moments: Walking over a mile to cross no mans land at the border….it was uphill as well! The deserted town in Himare where the resdients had fled from during the war years.


Places Visited: La Vella

Sorry Andorra but we didn’t find much to do and literally having stopped for coffee we headed back out of the country

Memorable Moments: Driving through snow in t shirts and shorts….. it was cold.


Places Visited: Vienna

Memorable Moments: The Spanish Riding school which was a lifetime tick for Jo, I really enjoyed the Mozart museum and the architecture was incredible. and


Places Visited: Dhaka

Possibly busier than India!  Sadly we didn’t get to see any other areas due to Zoe being so poorly, the food was great and everything was very very cheap.

Memorable Moments: The pinkest palace possibly in the world and trying to get a tuk tuk! and


Places Visited: Oostende

Fascinating roofs but pretty pricey for food and drinks, not a lot to do in Oostende itself….well not for us.

Memorable Moments: Sint Petrus-en-Pauluskerk (Church of St. Peter and St. Paul) and lots of lovely chocolate.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Places Visited: Mostar, Sarajavo

Loved this country, the people were wonderful and the history so sad. Food wasn’t great unless you like everything covered in mayo and ketchup and we mean everything.
Memorable Moments: Everything, especially the opportunity to climb up a minaret and see Jo turn green hehehe and


Places Visited: Sofia, Veliko Tarnovo

A lovely country with some great driving roads and views. Food was a good price and enough on a plate to feed several people and a herd of mammoths.
Memorable Moments: The British owned campsite and the arrival of a good number of the population of the Ukraine and the Transfiguration of God Monastery and and


Places Visited: Siem Reap, Phnom Penh

An incredible country with such a sad history, the people are wonderful and the tourists sites are well worth going to.
Memorable Moments: Angor Wat…… amazing, wear good strong shoes and make sure shoulders, knees are covered. The Killing Fields, so sad but a credit to the people who suffered during the Pol Pot years.


Places Visited: Zagreb, Zadar, Split, Dubrovnik

We loved every place we went to, wonderful history and architecture, very easy to get from place to place and pretty steep on the price front.

Memorable Moments: All of it! Zagreb was a brilliant city with so much to see and do, Zadar’s light show is well worth going out in the evening for.

Czech Republic

Places Visited: Frymburk

Lovely views, sadly we did a lot of driving but not a lot of blogging….must go back to see more

Memorable Moments: Not the best of food, but to be fair we didn’t sample that much


Places Visited: We’ll go with ….hundreds of places across the country

Not only have we been lucky enough to travel through France and see so much of it but were able to spend 6 months working there….got to love a chicken!

Memorable Moments: Carnac and the mystery of it’s stones, Les Grottes du Roc de Cazelle and the mammoths, Carcassonne and it’s beautiful castle town….so many things you’ll just have to go and see for yourself.


Places Visited: All of it….it’s not very big

Very glad we went but it seriously tested the pennies.  Be prepared to walk a lot so you don’t miss anything and take a picnic which would be a lot cheaper than paying for food.

Memorable Moments: The apes were entertaining but scary especially when you’re only a small mammoth.


Places Visited: Bayreuth,Munster

A great country for driving with the autobanns and the most helpful of people as we found out when we had no brakes on the car!

Memorable Moments: Xanten the fake Roman city….. quite a disappointment, Zeiss planetarium was brilliant


Places Visited: Athens, Meteora, Ionninia

Jo is a big fan of Greece having done a lot of island hopping in her early days, the mainland proved even better. Food was wonderful and the people so friendly.

Memorable Moments: All of Athens, incredible history, wonderful cakes and enough to spend a good 4 days looking at. Meteroa was a gem with the incredible monasteries.


Places Visited: Balatonkenese

We probably didn’t choose the most exciting place to visit although it was lovely to swim in the lovely warm water.

Memorable Moments: Fly and bug invasion of the tent, who knew so many could arrive in such a short space of time!


Places Visited: Lolkata, Varanasi, Agra, Jaipur, Jodphur, Udaipur, Mumbai, Hyderbad, Hampi, Bangalore, Mysore, Kochi, Kerela,
Maduri, Trichy, Chennai

What a country, every sense is assaulted, noise never stops and the colours are dazzling. The South was a very different experience to the North who are more tourist orientated, take your own loo roll!

Memorable Moments: Putting the Ganges to bed, The Taj even with all the problems of getting in …or not getting in, the delights of Udaipur Palace, the incredible ruins of Hampi the list is endless.


Places Visited: Savona, Milan, Venice, Rome, Cava de’ Tirreni, Turin

Incredible countryside, amazing pizza and architecture to die for, Italy was also one of the most expensive countries we have visited.

Memorable Moments: Rome…..incredible from the buildings to the ice cream, four days was not enough. Venice doesn’t smell, well no more than me!


Places Visited: Prizren

A country that Jo never thought she would go to as the newspapers reported on the war and land mines, now is the time to go before the rest of the world discovers its’ wonders.

Memorable Moments: The Mosque and the views from the fort….food wasn’t so good


Places Visited: Vientiane

Fantastic place with incredibly friendly people, food leans more towards European tastes and getting round on foot is easy. We took the British foreign office advice and wished in hind sight that we had seen more of the country.

Memorable Moments: The COPE centre and Buddha park


Places Visited: All of it

Lovely scenery and wonderful driving roads, tobacco is very cheap.  Two days would probably cover everything.

Memorable Moments: The town of Clervaux is well worth stopping at, the Roman villa was good but we’ve seen a lot better since.


Places Visited: Ohrid

Tricky country to get into and it took a long time.  Incredible views on the journey to Ohrid, nice place to go but you only need a couple of days to look around.

Memorable Moments: The Church of St Clement is well worth a look round and the fortress has some brilliant views. Probably my favourite flag of all time.


Places Visited: Monaco centre

Expensive, very very expensive but well worth going to, lots to see from the super yachts in the marina to the castle and the churches.

Memorable Moments: The little train that tours round the city and gives you a great chance to see a lot of the place. Wish we’d made it in time for the Grand Prix!


Places Visited: Budva, Kotor

Brilliant country and not to pricey for food and drinks. Budva is a smaller version of Dubrovnik but much quianter, Kotor can get busy when cruise ships are in.

Memorable Moments: The interior of the Church of the Holy Trinity is a must see and our hike up the goat track in Kotor which although a lot for small paws was well worth the climb.

Myanmar (formerly Burma)

Places Visited: Yangon

A fantastic city wish we had gone further into the country but the humans took the foreign office advice and refused to take me!  Very easy to navigate round and plenty to see for a week.

Memorable Moments: Shwedagon temple, eyeing watering amounts of gold to look at would highly recommend. Our self guided….by me…. Walk through the city to find all the different religious buildings.


Places Visited: Kathmandu

Sadly due to Zoe being ill we didn’t get to trek but I loved Kathmandu although it was easy to get lost…. nothing new for us!  Traditional food is good and most places serve European meals.  Lots of lovely things to buy and take back.

Memorable Moments: Everest, what more can I say.


Places Visited: Amsterdam, Brunnsum, Beek, Delft, Middleburg

The Dutch are some of the loveliest people you could wish to meet, flat roads for driving……of course, excellent campsites and plenty to see throughout the country.

Memorable Moments: The famous model village of Madurodam and the city of Amsterdam and the cheese shops, what’s not to love about cheese sampling.


Places Visited: Faro, Vila Real de Santo Antonio, Cascais, Castelo Branco

Wonderful country with lots of beautiful churches and cathedrals, food is great and the beaches outstanding.  Driving is a delightful experience with so much to look at on the journey

Memorable Moments: Badoca Safari Park was incredible just like being on the African plains.


Places Visited: Bran, Cluj-Napoca

One of Jo’s favourite places and to this day she still goes on about the stars at night, to be fair they were pretty incredible. Bran is the main tourist area which gets really busy but worth being patient and following along like sheep. Food was really good and very cheap especially at Vampire Camping.

Memorable Moments: Bran Castle and the smell of garlic that I seemed to produce, the churches with their colourful domes.

San Marino

Places Visited: Whole of place

What a place with forts perched high on the rocks and incredible views, steep for walking but plenty of places to rest your paws and have a drink.  A World UNESCO site which is in amazing condition.

Memorable Moments: Everything, the buildings are fantastic.


Places Visited: Drove through

Although I have been to Serbia twice, once on our drive back to the UK for Christmas and once on a flight layover I have yet to see anything other than the countryside…..Jo needs to sort this out!

Memorable Moments: The amount of notes needed to purchase anything.


Places Visited: City Centre

A beautifully clean city with lots to do and a great public transport system.  It’s not cheap and food cost several bags of pistachios for each meal but you do get nuts with your Singapore Sling.

Memorable Moments: Universal studio, excellent day out. Gardens of the Bay at night are well worth staying late for.


Places Visited: Bled, Ljubijana

Beautiful scenery with amazing architecture in Ljubijana, we could have spent a lot longer.

Memorable Moments: The boatmen of Bled and the unique way they row, The Hitchhikers museum at Bled for something completely different with the most friendly of hosts.


Places Visited: Nerja, Torrox, Salamanca, Tarragona, Olivia, Almeria
Tarifa, Segovia, La Rioja, San Sebastián

Some stunning views and buildings across the whole of the country, people weren’t the friendliest and prices were rapidly rising so not as cheap as we might have hoped.

Memorable Moments: Segovia was amazing, what’s not to love about an aquaduct!

Sri Lanka

Places Visited: Polonnaruwa, Colombo, Kandy, Negombo

A wonderful country with golden beaches and lots of nasty wet sea, wish we’d spent more time in the north as we missed a lot of wonderful sites. Food is a cross of traditional and european and fairly cheap.

Memorable Moments: Bathing Elephants, what’s not to love. Polonnaruwa’s ancient city was a must see.


Places Visited: Drove through

Sadly we didn’t get to see much of the beautiful country due to Zoe being ill…… girls are useless!  Although a brief experience it was one of the most expensive places we have been to.

Memorable Moments: Beautiful vistas


Places Visited: Bangkok, Hua Hin, Sukhothai, Chiang Mai

Fantastic country with enough wat’s to keep you going for a lifetime. Bangkok is easy to navigate and has an immense number of things to do, the ancient city of Sukhothai was incredible. Food is cheap and noodle dishes taste wonderful.

Memorable Moments: Dino Park in Bangkok…..moving dinosaurs what more could you want. Sukhothai ancient city is well worth a visit and has some of the most incredible ruins.


Places Visited: Alanya, Kayakoy, Kas, Istanbul, Antayla, Demre, Canakkale, Nemrut, Side, Beysehir, Kayseri, Cappadocia, Ortahisar, Sinop, Trabzon, Samliurfa, Gaziantep, Pamukkale, Ephesus, Izmir,
Koycegiz, Serik, Mersin

My adopted country and one that holds a wealth of history and pistachio’s. When we first moved here I don’t think that any of us realised just how many castles, Roman cities and ruins there would be, add that to incredible views and it’s a must see country. People are wonderful, places within the east of the country might not serve alcoholic beverages.

Memorable Moments: Mount Nemrut, one of my all time favourite experiences, Ephesus and it’s library, Göbekli Tepe currently the oldest discovered temple in the world……..everywhere is a wonder to behold oh and it’s one of our most blogged about countries.

United Kingdom (UK)

Places Visited: Way too many places to name but an awful lot between Scotland, England and Wales

Our home country where accents abound, history is everywhere and people love mammoths.  Food is reflective of the diverse population and can be cheap if you look around.  British people talk about the weather a lot!

Memorable Moments: Hundreds from the Lake district and it’s incredible views, to Edinburgh and it’s delights, through London and all that it has to offer. Having travelled from Hadrian’s wall to John O’Groats there is a wealth of history to discover.


Places Visited: Vatican City

An incredible place to visit, so much to look at it’s mind blowing and way to much to take in on one visit.  Be prepared for long queues (or buy a fast track ticket), to have a lot of people to walk through with and be prepared to not see the outside world for most of the day which we found tricky at points. 

Memorable Moments: It’s a once in a lifetime place