Mammoth Bedtime Reading

Books are an intrinsic part of our lives along with breathing, travel and eating pistachios and we do like a good read, especially on long journey’s and in airport terminals.  Strangely much of our literature is travel based!

We will continue to update this page as more books are consumed….you can never have to many books in your life!

Here are a few of  our best reads to date:

Brilliant read which made us both cry with laughter at points, not sure I’d be brave enough to tackle some of the journey they undertook but might consider it with more research, there a brave pair!

We enjoyed a lot of this book but found that the author went so far off subject in his writing that we gave up on some chapters, let us know what you think.

Jason Smart is a fellow travelblogger who writes in a humorous and most enjoyable way.  We have used many of his books as travel guides to find some slightly more unusual places to visit on our trips.  With quite a few of his tales to choose, From Here to Anywhere is defiantly something I would love to try

A recent addition to our reading matter is by Savannah Grace telling the tale of her backpacking travels with her family over four years, like us they loved Nepal and have now given us some further ideas to add to our travel adventures.

John Mcabe was a fascinating read focusing on how he left the rat race, the reasons why he wanted to travel the world and some interesting tales of his adventures which left me wanting more.

It would of course be remiss of me to not mention I own great works which detail my adventures of travel and living abroad over the last seven years….the next will be out sometime this year!