Covid 19, Lockdown and Multiplying Sheep….. Welshpool, Wales

Woolly says – Time is passing, weeks, days and hours go past and we have little or no clue as to when lockdown might be eased, the last few days have shown decreases in the number of people getting infected, if the government is telling us the truth of course.  My patience with humans wears thin as numbers of them continue to flout the restrictions and head to the mountains and beaches, don’t they know there stopping a mammoth from going out and about and just increasing our time in captivity!

Jo has got us into a weekly routine which she says is good for us, personally eating my bodyweight in pistachio’s and watching the birds seems to be more than enough to do, but she insists.  So, Monday is cleaning day and she makes me put my things away, what a waste of time as by Monday afternoon everything is back out again!  Tuesday is shopping day and the delight on her little face when she returned last week with a bag of flour was sweet, well it seemed to make her happy and meant that I got some homemade brownies so I’m not complaining.

Wednesday’s, we work on the webpage which with a huge amount of help from Dave is now coming together although we could probably be in isolation for a year and still not complete everything on my rather extensive list.  Have a look round the site and see what you think…after reading the blog of course.

Thursday and Friday see’s me supervising her in the outside work, weeding is done along with the cleaning of the pathways, the van needs a wash down along with the car so there is always something to do.

Our weekends involve annoying each other in our choices of what to watch as apparently 12 hours of Dr Who is way too much in one day! Reading, watching the birds who thankfully have stopped their flightpath into the living room and contemplating life. 

Our daily walk is the highlight as at least I get to see something different each day, we have settled into using the same walk as every other one we have tried involves a lot of up hill and down dale which Jo’s left knee doesn’t like and to be honest dear reader I can’t be doing with her moaning when it’s hurting her.

Blossom is out on the trees and hedgerow flowers are increasing by the day, pretty whites, yellow and pinks surround us with odd dashes of blue, we have identified primroses but are a little sketchy on most of them we just know that they are pretty.

The cows and calves are now in their field and greet us with moo’s each time we pass and the sheep are multiplying by the minute with the fields getting fuller and fuller as lambs keep arriving.  Nothing better than watching them bouncing next to their mom’s as we wander by.

The fishing lake is changing by the day, frog spawn is no more instead thousands of tadpole’s swim round, we could be looking at a frog invasion in the not too distant future, I’m sure Jo won’t mind a few of them moving in to keep me company, at least it would give her someone else to moan at.

There seem to be some huge fish in the water and every now and then a huge splash occurs, sadly the human has yet to capture a picture of this happening which is annoying given that it takes at least 4 seconds so I fail to see the problem with taking a photo in that period of time.

The lily pads are changing colour and bulrushes are starting to sprout, the British countryside at its best.

Our daily constitutional is always followed by coffee and cake now, for which I’m very grateful to bestie Sion and carer Jen for suggesting as Jo is not a huge cakey person. The afternoon arrives with time to fill, some days we might put on a film which usually takes an hour or so in the decision making of what to watch as we have very differing tastes in our genres and for some strange reason Jo has now refused to watch ice age again, I mean we have only seen it 30 or so times….maybe a few more! 

We look at maps of the world and plot out routes across North Africa, North America and China and beyond, who knows when we will be able to travel again, we had so many plans for the year but as each month ticks by and the cost of living in the UK outweighs our small income currently, plans may have to wait even longer, we can look and hope, it costs nothing.

Life plods on, no castles to see but we have blogs to read, no museums to visit but youtube provides us with ideas for the future and no tasty lunches out but Jo has taken up cooking with a vengeance, so our first outing might have to be for some slightly larger clothes for me. 

We are safe, our friends and family are safe what more could we wish for, well I could give you my list but sometimes you just have to be content with what you have.

Keep safe and be careful out there.

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