I Like to Move it Move it! … Sentosa Island

Woolly says – The women had woken early, and information about our days events was still not forthcoming. I’d tried the direct line of questing and had even resorted to the underhand methods of asking but the only response I was receiving was ‘You’ll have to wait and see’, I tied sulking but that seemed to have no affect either. The only snippet I had gleamed was that the bus was going to Sentosa and as we passed through the city streets I just hoped that we weren’t spending the day at a health resort.

Having booked several months ago I was really hoping that the surprize would be worth the moaning that was coming from my small companion.

Woolly says – I reluctantly climbed down from the transport having considered refusing to get off but Jo had just said ‘You can stay on the bus, but you might be missing out’ and started to walk towards a bank of escalators, I don’t like missing out and there might be food involved, I slowly followed behind. The level above us gave me a view of fountains and lollipop trees which looked a lot better than I had expected and having tried to lick one of the sweet delights hanging from the branches I turned to see a huge globe slowly turning with the words Universal on them, scratching my head and wondering why everyone, including the girls were posing in front of it I wandered over for a closer look.

Universal Studios Singapore was opened on 20th October 2009 and is a smaller version of the famous theme park in America, it was to be a first for the mammoth and myself having never visited anything like it before, an eight year old Zoe had visited the original in America and still talks about it today, I was hopeful that it would live up to her hype.

Woolly says – Our tickets were scanned, and I found myself in a shop lined street, as I looked more closely I realised that there were stars on the pavements which looked exactly the same as pictures I had seen of the Hollywood walk of the stars, I raced from one to another spotting Bette Midler, John Travolta and many many more. As we came to an open area a large lake sat in the centre surrounded by different landscapes, I rubbed my eyes as I looked at a castle in the distance, where had that come from? Glancing to my right my heart skipped a beat as I recognised the large blue furriness of the Cookie Monster one of my hero’s…….

As he galloped away it seemed that our day was off to a good start.

Woolly says – Having lost Mr Cookie in the crowds I caught up with Jo and Zoe as they were entering the world of Madagaster (my second favourite films in the whole wide world), models of the characters lined the street and as we climbed onto a boat I was entranced to go through a tunnel to see and hear the stars of the film telling the story of how they had been shipwrecked. With promises to return later we entered the kingdom of Far Far Away and home to my third favourite films in the whole wide world, could this get any better?! Entering the castle itself we found ourselves in an auditorium and having placed the 3 d glasses on my trunk I sat in total wonder as Shrek and Donkey came to life before my very eyes, as soon as the show finished I raced outside ready for the next delight. Zoe was ahead of me and had joined a line to go on the Enchanted Airways, having no idea what it was I was eager to find out, Jo seemed to be hanging back which was when I found out something new about my carer……

I don’t like rides, water rides are fine as are carousels but anything else terrify me, I am the worlds best coat holder when it comes to theme parks

Woolly says – ………With Zoe reassuring her that it would be fine and pointing out the eight year olds that were also queuing she stood with us looking apprehensive. As we climbed into our seats the earth fell away and our carriage raced along the rails with stomach churning drops and corners where it looked as though we would end up in the lake, it was brilliant. As it raced back into the station I saw that Jo was being helped off the ride and had a lovely green complexion.

It was horrible, happy that the others had enjoyed it I suggested a drink and a sit down so that my stomach could level out

Woolly says – With so much to see I downed my drink in two huge gulps and raced into the Lost World where a raptor had just been caught and was busy roaring at the crowds around it. Jurassic park was green and leafy and having spotted some flying dinosaurs I couldn’t wait to try them out, glancing across at Jo I could see she was considering whether or not to join us and having watched the ride for a while finally nodded her head and climbed on board, we climbed into the clouds and soared above everyone’s heads getting a view across the whole park, I squeaked in joy, Jo seemed focussed on holding on! As we descended to earth and dismounted I left the women consulting the map and dashed over to check out some dinosaur eggs.

Luckily for me the rides were over for a while and having collected the small furry one from the dino nest we followed the crowds entering an area called Waterworld. Based on the film of the same title I was fascinated to see what this might be about.

Woolly says – The setting was incredible and looked as though it was a real place where people would live in the future, the show was even better as battle commenced and fireworks and smoke filled the sky and jet skies and boats sped round the small watery set, it was worth every cent of the ticket just for this.

Through Ancient Egypt we went and into Sci Fi City where we convinced Jo to try another ride which saw us battling transformers which was incredible and so life like, my friend had even enjoyed it. Through New York we walked and having helped Elma find the Sesame Street Spaghetti I found myself back on the stars of Hollywood along with some dancing minions, my delight knew no bounds as I stood watching them, but just as I thought it couldn’t get any better…. It did

We’d saved what we hoped would be the best until last and having walked back through the Madagaster set we were just in time to watch the characters from the film dancing to the mammoth’s favourite song.

Woolly says – As we stood watching Alex, Gloria, King Julien and the penguins boogying away I sang along and wiggled my tail in sheer joy, ‘I like to move it move it, I like to move it’ I warbled as the crowds around me joined in, who knew that theme parks could be so great…… when are we going to the next one?

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